Jonesboro City Council Agenda Commentary: December 15, 2020

Welcome to another edition of the Jonesboro City Council Explication Project, a project by a political nerd for political nerds or anyone who wants to learn more about their city government. Remember that municipal (city council), county (quorum court), and state government (state legislature) bodies have a bigger impact on your day to day life than the president. You can watch the meetings live on the city’s Facebook page at City of Jonesboro, AR – Government.

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1. Call to Order 5:30PM

2. Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

3. Roll Call

4. Special Presentations

COM-20:076: Recognition by Mayor pro tem Chris Moore to honor Mayor Harold Perrin, city council member Gene Vance and City Clerk Donna Jackson for their service to the City of Jonesboro.

Commentary: These are our outgoing officials; Mayor Perrin will be succeeded by Mayor-elect Copenhaver, Gene Vance will be succeeded by Brian Emison, and Donna Jackson will be succeeded by April Leggett.

COM-20:077: Presentation by Mayor Harold Perrin.

5. Consent Agenda

MIN-20:114: Minutes for the city council meeting on December 1, 2020.

RES-20:231: A resolution of the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas to continue a joint funding agreement with the U.S. Geological Survey, United States Department of the Interior for the operation and maintenance of two streamgages in Jonesboro.

RES-20:232: Resolution authorizing the City of Jonesboro to enter into agreement with Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. for the placement of a newborn safety device on a city facility.

Commentary: When I read this I was sad because I’ve read/watched lots of documentaries about these boxes and why they are needed. Probably not a spoiler: it’s a lack of social support/social shaming of families and people who have babies, especially for disabled babies. I’m happy we have them in Arkansas now that our abortion laws have been so gutted by the pro-birth factions (who then go on to support austerity policies that gut support for families, go figure) and that Jonesboro is taking action, but it’s really depressing to realize our city is big enough now to need one. I’m glad we’ll have it, though, and that the Safe Haven law allows this service to operate in Arkansas. I hope this passes. Please email the City Council and express your support for this: before 5:00pm December 15.

RES-20:233: A resolution requesting free utility services from City Water and Light for a traffic signal at 2301 E. Highland Drive.

RES-20:234: A resolution by the City Council of the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas accepting a donation of land and authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement with Farmer Enterprises, Inc.

Commentary: Dude donated some land to the city, but then the rest of his land wasn’t accessible so the city was going to have to build a driveway? But building said driveway was very expensive due to the land and building requirements re: drainage. So the dude was like, “here, just have the rest of the land!”

RES-20:235: A resolution of the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas to enter into a change order no. 4 with Ramsons, Inc.for the Jonesboro Shooting Sports Complex Phase 1C (2020:07).

Commentary: Building some restrooms. Public restrooms are a public good (try visiting a city with a human body where there are no public restrooms and you will very quickly develop an appreciation). I approve of them.

RES-20:236: A resolution by the City Council of the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas to accept the donation of property located at Lot 7 of Sylvan Hills Estates 2nd addition from the Frierson Corporation.

RES-20:238: A resolution of the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas to contract with Jonesboro Overhead Door for sponsorship of one athletic field at the Joe Mack Campbell Sports Complex.

RES-20:239: A resolution of the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas authorizing the mayor and city clerk to enter into agreement with Scrub Trends as a COVID-19 small business emergency grant subrecipient of the 2020 community development block grant program (CDBG).

RES-20:240: A resolution by the City Council of the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas to make appointments and reappointments to boards and commissions as recommended by Mayor Harold Perrin.

Commentary: This is mostly reappointments to various boards/committees, with one new appointment. The bodies and the people appointed are listed on the legislative record. Happy to see it’s not all cisgender dudes!

6. New Business

RES-20:237: A resolution authorizing the entry into an agreement to issue bonds for the purpose of assisting in the financing of industrial facilities within the City of Jonesboro, Arkansas, to be leased to Nice-Pak Products, Inc. or its affiliate, pursuant to the authority of the laws of the State of Arkansas, including particularly Amendment 65 to the Arkansas Constitution and the municipalities and counties industrial development revenue bond law.

7. Unfinished Business

ORD-20:053: An ordinance to vacate and abandon a 15’ utility easement across parcel number: 01-144154-00910 owned by Jonesboro 2015, LLC; being located west of the Prospect Farms Subdivision and east of Wolf Meadows Subdivision in Jonesboro, Arkansas as requested on behalf of Jonesboro 2015, LLC. (Second reading.)

Commentary: I broke this down (awkwardly) last time.

ORD-20:043: An ordinance to the City of Jonesboro to place various traffic signs at designated locations as determined by the Traffic Control committee. (Third reading.)

8. Mayor’s Reports

COM-20:078: November 2020 Financial Reports

Commentary: I’m running behind this week because I started a new learning project and maaaaybe played too much Sims 4 (DON’T JUDGE ME) so if you want a breakdown of the financials there are all linked on the legislative record.

9. City Council Reports: December 1, 2020

These comments are for the December 1 City Council meeting. This section runs a month behind.

The most relevant items are the items Joe Hafner walked on—small business grants. I’m glad those businesses, especially Eggsellent Cafe (my favorite breakfast place!) are getting support. All the comments are available in the Council Comments section of the minutes.

10. Public Comments: December 1, 2020

These comments are for the December 1 City Council meeting. This section runs a month behind.

Last meeting’s comments: a lady was looking for resolution on a sewage issue. Welcome to local government! Her full comments and the response is available in the December 1 meeting minutes. Try reading the minutes if you miss the meeting, they’re informative.

11. Adjournment


#1: April Leggett won the City Clerk race. You may be able to buy a general election with your fancy business skills and money but it’s MUCH harder to buy a run off when organizers are activating their networks. 🙂 🙂 🙂

#2: Joe Biden earned 306 electoral votes. There were no faithless electors. All the specious lawsuits failed. Our democracy survives for another day. Now let’s get rid of the racist, classist electoral college for good.